Weekend Packages

Weekend package is avalible 5th january - 15th june 2024. 
Check-in fridays and saturdays.

Wouldn´t it be nice to get away from cooking, washing up and other chores for a day or so? Thought so!

Book a weendend with us and let us do all the work, while you enjoy each others company and get to sleep in as loooong as you like!

Our weekende package offers a relaxing time, away from stress. We offer a nice Swedish fika on arrival, and then maybe a delicious 3 course meal in the evening, with something nice to drink?
Our hotel offers a pool table, dart and a foosball table free of charge. (Our lobby is also fully licensed.)

Sleep in comfy Hilding beds and in the morning, you can enjoy a healthy breakfast with local cold cuts from fallow deer and wild boar, delicious cheese and freshly made waffles.
Price: 1350 kr/person incl fika on arrival,
a 3 course meal, overnight stay in a double room with breakfast. 

Beaverages are not included.
(price is valid for a double room.)