Served fridays and saturdays at 6 pm to 9 pm.
(The kitchen close at 20,00)
If you want to book a table, please call us on +46 44 911 41 or mail us at

If you stay in the hotel, you can order an evening meal all days except sundays. Please let us know if you want to book a table as you make your hotel reservation.

We have many fantastic local suppliers of food and we use local ingredients whenever possible!

Please note that we operate a no cash business. We accept both credit/debit cards and Swish.


Cauliflower soup with saffron, served with Parmesan and pistachio chips
(Gluten and lactose-free, the chips contain pistachio nuts)

Baked beets with honey, feta cheese, and walnuts 
(Gluten-free, contains walnuts)

Bruschetta with cheese spread and confit tomatoes

Main course

Herb-baked Swedish moose with potato dumplings and moose jus with browned butter.


Fallow deer with carrot and potato purée, butter-fried spring onions
 and red wine sauce.

Pan-fried pike-perch served with fresh spring onions and a refreshing lemon and herb sauce on a bed of carrot and potato purée.
(Gluten and lactose-free)

Farmer's bean ovals with pistachios, creamy polenta, and zucchini salad.
(Gluten and lactose-free, contains pistachios)

Roasted cauliflower with lentil cream, fresh spinach, and marinated kidney beans.
(Gluten and dairy-free. Vegan)


Warm rhubarb pie with Breanäs' own vanilla ice cream.

Breanäs' own ice cream, served with fresh fruit and homemade caramel sauce. (Gluten-free)

Haupia - Hawaiian coconut dessert served with mango and berries.
(Milk and gluten-free. Vegan)

Children under the age of 12 years, eat the main cours at half price.

1 - course menue 345 kr
2 - course menue 465 kr

3 - course menue 585 kr