Served fridays and saturdays at 6 pm to 9 pm.
(The kitchen close at 20,00)
If you want to book a table, please call us on +46 44 911 41 or mail us at

If you stay in the hotel, you can order an evening meal all days except sundays. Please let us know if you want to book a table as you make your hotel reservation.

We have many fantastic local suppliers of food and we use local ingredients whenever possible!

Please note that we operate a no cash business. We accept both credit/debit cards and Swish.


Pumpkin and ginger soup served with a pumpkin foam and caramelized pumpkin seeds.

Patatas bravas with caponata

Beetroot carpaccio with feta cheese dip and walnuts.

Main course 

Wild boar filét, creme of celeriac, baby spinach served with roasted potatoe

Deer bourginone with potatoe puree and fried mixed mushroom

Fried hake filet with tuscan cabbage, muchrooms and potatoe puree

Fish soup with saffron, served with clams and bread

Savoy cabbage roll filled with mushrooms from the forrest, served with potatoe puree

Roasted pumpkin served with brusselsprout, brown almondbutter and feta cheese


Chocolate cake baked with rum and peanuts. Served with whipped cream

Apfelstrudel served in glas

Local ice cream with fresh fruits

Children under the age of 12 years, eat the main cours at half price.

1 - course menue 275 kr
2 - course menue 385 kr

3 - course menue 495 kr