Environment & Sustainability

We have a strong commitment to sustainability issues, constantly exploring new avenues to reduce the impact our operations have on the environment, both through daily operations and long-term strategic decisions. Here are some of the projects undertaken for a more sustainable future.

The Restaurant

In our restaurant, Wild & Vegetarian, we only serve meat from the wild of our surrounding forests and from the enclosure at Filkesboda farm across Lake Immeln.
We aim to increase plant-based products in our kitchen and on our menus, always offering fully plant-based alternatives on our menus.

Breanäs Hotel is Tap Marked.
We have fresh and delicious water from our own well on the hotel premises. We offer both still and "sparkling" water to our guests directly from the tap and have chosen to avoid transportation and packaging. If you, as a guest, wish to take water "to-go," we offer you the option to fill your own bottle, or alternatively, there is a lightweight aluminum bottle available for purchase that we can fill for you.

In our greenhouse and on open ground, we cultivate our herbs and vegetables to the extent possible. The products are not sprayed with any chemicals and are fertilized only with our own compost. This way, we reduce transportation, feed bees, butterflies, and other insects, while maintaining full control over the products.

NO to cage hens is a matter of course!
We only purchase organic eggs with the KRAV label from free-range hens with access to outdoor areas. We wouldn't want to be indoors all our lives without seeing the sun, would you?

Our lakes and seas are not an infinite resource. Therefore, we do not serve red-listed fish species but choose sustainably certified fish and seafood. We also do not purchase farmed fish; all the fish we serve is wild-caught.

We weigh our food waste daily to keep track of it - and thereby also reduce - our food waste.
In our sustainability efforts, we are working towards a goal where all our food waste is composted into nutrient-rich soil used in our cultivation. This way, the little food waste we actually have becomes useful and returns to being soil again. Our aim is to have this in place by spring 2025.

Hotel & Conference 

1.2 million people lack clean water in our world. Here in Sweden, we are fortunate to have water from the tap, so early in our efforts, we joined Svenskt Vatten's "Kranmärkt." In practice, this means that all our water is drawn from our own tap, carbonated as desired, and served in our conference rooms.

Our beds are dressed in environmentally friendly bed linen, and the furnishings in all rooms are second-hand furniture to reduce our footprint and impact on the environment. This also applies to our lobby decor. In addition to being a sustainable way of decorating, it also makes each room and sofa area unique.

(The beds in the rooms, however, are purchased new as it is difficult to find 76 good, used beds.)

Even our conference chairs are purchased second hand. We have been able to keep the frames of the conference tables and complemented them with new, fresh table tops to reuse and not contribute to the world's waste mountains.
Conference pens are made of bamboo, and conference pads are printed on recycled paper.

Operation of the Buildings 

Here at Breanäs Hotel, we have our own biological water and sewage system that purifies through plants, just as it has always worked in nature. No chemicals are added. The water used in the restaurant and hotel comes from our well and flows into this lush area before running out - completely clean - into Lake Immeln.

Buried beneath the greenery in the picture are 6000 meters of geothermal loops that supply the hotel and restaurant with all the heat. Our heating system was upgraded in 2023 with new thermostats on all radiators, new energy-efficient pumps for hot water, and new insulated pipes sized for lower consumption.

A major culprit in our environmental impact comes from resource consumption, including energy. Therefore, we have replaced all light sources with LED and installed motion detectors for the lighting in all our corridors. Furthermore, we are working with time settings for outdoor lighting.

Into the Future

Our environmental work never stops. It must not if we are to collectively keep our world green, beautiful, and healthy. Here are some of the goals we are working towards: 

* Offer more plant-based dishes and products in our restaurant and continue efforts to reduce our food waste.

* From farm to table. Increase our in-house production of fruits and vegetables without chemicals.

* Solar energy. Install solar panels on our facility.

* Enhance accessibility adaptation in the hotel's premises.