Hotel & Fishing

Enjoy fishing in 23 lakes, make a packed lunch to go. Sleep in soft beds, eat a nice breakfast, enjoy a hot sauna. Doesn´t it sound lovely? Make a reservation at Breanäs Hotel!

Just 17 km from Breanäs Hotel, or 19 minutes with the car, you will find Harasjömåla fishing. A great area for fishing both in lakes and the possibility of sport fishing in flowing water. There is something for everybody, both beginners and professionals. 

Make the most of your adventure and enjoy your stay with a soft bed, breakfast, shower and really good food. Everything you need to get all the energy you need.

A Hotel & Fishing package includes
One 3-course dinner in the restaurant
A good night sleep in a double room
Breakfast buffé in the restaurant
Take away lunch package (you make it yourself at breakfast. We`ll bring fruit, nuts and chocolate bar to you from the kitchen)

Price: 1550 kr/person 

(price is valid for a double room.)

Do you want to stay another night?
Make a reservation for our Hotel & Fishing package with 2 nights
2 good night sleep in a double room
2 breakfast buffés in the restaurant
1 lunch package to go
2 3-course dinner in the restaurant

Price: 2830 kr/person

(price is valid for a double room.)

Choose the fishing permit of your choise here:
You order and pay for it at Harasjömåla.